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    Top 3 Things Sellers Need to Know When Selling In SWFL

    Top 3 Things Seller need to know when selling!


    Sellers are you concerned that when you go to list your home it’s going to sit on the market? Well here are 5 of the most concerning things that agents need to sell your home for the most money in current market conditions.


    1. A Clean, uncluttered home – Have you ever walked into someone’s home and thought “WOW, this needs a good scrub” well the same thing applies to your home when it goes on the market. A dirty home knocks off thousands of dollars of your profit and can let it linger on the market. A cluttered home doesn’t allow buyers to see its true potential.


    1. Price – Pricing your home to sell is KEY TO SUCCESS! The first few weeks of the marketing process are the most crucial, in this time you will attract the most qualified and interested buyers. New listings draw attention to buyer that are waiting for a new residence. Listings that sit on the market for months on end become stale and often have buyers wondering why they have not sold.


    1. Showings – Crucial!!!! Every opportunity of a showing is a potential sale!!!! DOES NOT IN ANYWAY say you do not want to show your home! Your home is on the market for a reason, you want to sell your home and now you wanting to have a potential buyer view your home this is the easiest thing you can do to let a sale get away!!!!



    I hope this helps. Remember if you’re in the market for a home or to list you’re home in Southwest Florida; please do not hesitate to contact Kevin Bartlett at 239.826.1891

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