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    Kevin Bartlett Real Producers Rising Star

    In June of 2020 I was featured in Real Producers Magazine with the cover and the following article:

    Southwest Florida Real Producers
    Kevin Bartlett — Rising Star Feature Article
    June 22, 2020

    Rising Star
    Early Excellence

    In the real estate profession, there are obviously many different routes to take when it comes to creating a successful career.

    For many, real estate is a chapter that comes later in a career — perhaps after a long assignment in corporate America, or in another field.

    For others, a calling to enter the industry can come at the start of one’s work life.

    That’s how it has been for Kevin Bartlett.

    As an Associate Broker with REALTY WORLD J. Pavich Real Estate, Kevin is this month’s Rising Star. And his real estate journey started just five years ago.

    Moving Ahead
    There’s no doubt that Kevin has achieved early excellence.

    “As I was attending school, I knew that a 9-to-5 job at a desk somewhere would probably not be the career for me,” he recalls.

    So Kevin made a decision. The native of the Naples area pursued and earned his real estate license and started with REALTY WORLD J Pavich Real Estate.

    Like many who enter the business, Kevin’s interest in real estate was tested.

    But he worked through the obstacles with a sense of resilience.

    “In the beginning, as you’re getting started, you work really hard to get one deal, and then you work some more until it becomes another and another,” Kevin explains. “There are definitely hurdles and learning curves that come about as you get started in the business, but I looked at it as a make-it-or-break-it deal.”

    Big-Picture Perspective
    Kevin’s sense of determination and his hard work overcame any misgivings he had when he first started.

    “I got into the business when I was 20. While working for a commission can be a transition, for me, it wasn’t maybe quite as difficult, because I had never had a salaried position before,” he points out. “I had been used to making an hourly wage instead of a commission check, but I think entering the business at that age helped me in that way.”

    His time in the industry has been rewarding in many ways.

    “One of the things about real estate that I enjoy the most is meeting new people, seeing different types of properties, and driving to see new areas every day,” he says.

    Individual Impact
    Kevin approaches his work with organization and efficiency that has created tremendous results.

    In fact, in 2019, as an individual agent, Kevin completed more than 80 deals.

    And there’s no sign of him slowing down.

    In fact, already in 2020, Kevin has completed more than 50 transactions.

    For all of the numbers and statistics, Kevin strives for continuous achievement of another ongoing goal.

    “The main thing I really want to do with my role is to make sure that people are happy every single day,” Kevin smiles. “That’s real success for me.”

    Away from work, Kevin enjoys time spent boating, playing golf and exercising at the gym.

    He also looks forward to opportunities to travel, with the Bahamas being a favorite destination of his.

    Communication and Determination
    As Kevin considers his own young career, he offers advice for others who are contemplating a career in real estate.

    For Kevin, he emphasizes that those entering the field keep in mind the value of communications.

    “I think one of the basic things that actually goes a long way toward having success in this business is something as basic as answering your phone,” he says. “While that may sound simple, it’s the biggest issue that some people have.”

    When you talk with Kevin, you realize that he approaches everything he does with honesty and integrity … and a strong, persevering desire to serve and help others.

    It’s no surprise then that Kevin Bartlett has established himself as a true Rising Star … as a prime example of what early excellence can achieve in the business.

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